TITLE 49 CFR 385
Safety Management Controls Regulations

Regulations pertaining Motor Carrier Safety Policy implementations and benefits.

Per 49 CFR § 385.3 and 49 CFR § 385.7, all companies engaged in interstate commerce must have in place a series of Safety Management Controls, which are the systems, policies programs, practices, and procedures used by a motor carrier to ensure compliance with applicable safety regulations. Having a company safety policy is the first step in creating effective Safety Management Controls. However, if a safety policy is not enforced, it will serve no value to the company, and will not assist in FMCSA Audits or Compliance Reviews. On the other hand, if a company can demonstrate actionable enforcement of its safety policies, this will assist the company as it seeks to improve its safety scores and/or its safety rating.

Employee Policy Options

The application will allow you to customize the disciplinary actions that will result from violations of the safety policy. Please ensure that the actions chosen are those that you are willing to ENFORCE with company drivers, otherwise they will present no benefit to the company.

Companies that give bonuses to drivers for clean inspections give drivers a reason to be even more thorough during DVIRs (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports). Clean inspections help improve safety scores, which will help the company overall.

Terms and Conditions
While having a safety policy on file is a n important step toward safety compliance, it is the enforcement of the policy that may have an impact on safety scores should an FMCSA Audit or Compliance Review take place. Federal Applications Processor Hoffenmer offers this safety policy to companies as a template for their Safety Management Controls. However, Federal Applications Processor Hoffenmer cannot and will not guarantee that this policy will be sufficient to cover all aspects of safety management, nor that this template will assist with a company’s safety scores or safety rating. A company using this policy is fully responsible for reading the contents of this policy and enforcing the guidelines as set forth. Further, by accepting this safety policy, a company agrees to hold harmless Federal Applications Processor Hoffenmer, its subsidiaries and agents for any harm incurred by the acceptance of this policy, or its use or lack thereof.

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